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wts_icontest's Journal

Watch This Space
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An icontest for every sci-fi fan.

This is an icontest dedicated to as many different science fiction shows/movies as... well, humanly possible! We've listed in our interests whatever we could think of, but as long as it's good scifi, we'll take it - though for those special special challenges, we open it to all of Tellyland. We'd love to have people from any sci-fi show or movie, be it Who, Gate, Trek or 'fly.
Whatever show, movie, video game or other you'd like to use, no matter if it's huge and well-known or tiny and obscure, we'd love it. If there's a particular fandom you'd like and can't find screencaps for, simply ask one of the mods and we can even help look!

If you would like to affiliate, please comment this post.

If you would like to apply for the esteemed position of banner-maker (comes complete with special voting category), please comment this post.
.ode to rules
You must be a member or watching the community to participate in challenges.
We will focus on stills: no animations allowed.
All entries must meet normal LiveJournal standards - 40KB or less, and 100px x 100px.
You will be able to enter up to six icons, unless otherwise specified in the challenge rules.
All icons must be made for the challenge, and must not be reposted elsewhere until they are released after voting ends.
Entries will be screened until after voting ends.
Absolutely no voting for yourself or getting others to vote for you.
If you enter icons, you must then vote when voting time comes around. Often we need all the votes we can get.
If screencaps are given, use only those. If not, use whatever you prefer.
Generally, most things will be allowed. Het and slash, whatever. Know where to draw the line, however - I shouldn't imagine it would happen often, but the law still applies on LJ, as do the rules of common decency. Not even implied sex if the subjects are underage, no beastiality or anything like that, and nothing explicit. Strategically covered up, fine, but there are kids online.
Examples for how to post an entry will come with each challenge.
Your mods for the flight are onlineminiboss, mrsbarrowman, and debris4spike, so don't hesitate to contact us right here at the page-a-mod for questions or such.
.the line of time
a new challenge will be posted.
Monday - Sunday, 10.00PM (GMT);
taking entries for current challenge.
Sunday night;
voting goes up.
Sunday night - Wednesday night
Wednesday night
winners will be announced, icons released, winning banners to follow.
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