Deborah (debris4spike) wrote in wts_icontest,

Challenge 19 - Nature

Where I live in England, I have been watching Spring arrive; but I know for some people they still are surrounded by snow, and for others, the year is moving towards Winter.   Within Science Fiction we see Angst and Drama - so lets think about Nature, for a change.

It can be the backround, or just an indoor plant; but there must be some link to nature.

There is an additional challenge, which is optional, of the best use of a border.

Challenge rules

You must be a member to participate.
We will focus on stills: no animations.
All entries must meet normal LiveJournal standards - 40KB or less, and 100px x 100px.
Up to six icons.
All icons must be made for the challenge, and must not be reposted elsewhere until they are released after voting ends.
Entries will be screened until after voting ends.
Any screencap, promotional picture or thereof is allowed.

Examples and posting format:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

This round will close Sunday, 27th February 10pm GMT.

Good luck - any problems, let me know.  But - mainly, have fun!

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